feolahschipe: late 13th century “a body of companions.”

The Fellowship of the Black Swan is a company of medieval (14th century English) military archers and archery associated crafts persons. We function as a guild for period archers and artisans for Medieval and Renaissance Faires. We provide medieval history education programs for schools. We attend SCA events and encourage period archery. While we are primarily located in western Washington State (USA), we do travel.

Anyone willing to work toward authentic period archery tackle, dress, and education is welcome to join our company. (Long) bows, warbows, crossbows, horse bows, Saxon bows, and hunting bows are all welcome, but one does not have to be an archer to participate. No plastic allowed though, unless it is covered and non identifiable. We strive for authenticity. 

We take our name, Fellowship of the Black Swan, from a founding member whose name is Schwenk in Medieval German. (English Swan). Swans were significant omens in medieval times. Black swans were believed to be non-existent, but now the term means something unexpected. The Black Swan is our leading wise and experienced archer and martial tactician. We are the fellowship of his entourage. 

As an interesting side note, we have a member who is legally able to officiate weddings. He takes the role of a mendicant Grey Friar and is available for couples interested in having a medieval or renaissance wedding.

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